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LFC Final Report Accompanying Documents

Below are links to accompanying documents that Board of Education members each received on a flash drive with Final Report and Recommendations of the Lay Facilities Committee:

1. Full text of Lay Facilities Committee Final Report
a1 2011 Full Citizens Committee Recommendations.pdf
a2 2011 Building_Assessment_Committee_report.pdf
a3 2011 Finance subcommittee.pdf
a4 2011 Options subcommittee report.pdf
a5 Plan C Fact Sheet April 2012.pdf
a6 Plan C_MasterPlan_ June 2012.pdf
b1 Buildings Subcommittee Nov 2012.pdf
b2 Buildings Subcommittee Dec 2012.pdf
b3 Buildings Subcommittee Jan 2013.pdf
b4 Buildings Subcommittee Feb 2013.pdf
b5 Buildings Subcommittee March 2013.pdf
b6 gradeconfiguration-13structure.pdf
b7 CHTU_grade_configuration_survey Dec 2012.pdf
b8 Massing maps April 2013.pdf
b9 Todd associates insurance letter Feb 2013.pdf
b10 Conceptual diagrams CHUH 04 10 13 LFC Meeting REVISED 1.pdf
b11 Renovated-vs-New-Pool-spreadsheet-4-23-13.pdf
c1 Survey Report Briefing-1
c2 Public meeting comments March 2013.pdf
c3 CHUH_Lay_Facilities_Survey_Findings-Open-Ended.pdf
c4 Community Meetings flier March 2013.pdf
f1 Finance Subcommittee Jan 2013
f2 Ballot millage matrix April 2013.pdf
f3 CHUH Lay Facilities Master Plan 5-2-13 Summary Sheet.pdf
f4 Lay-Facilities-Master-Plan-Gearity-alt-4-10-13.pdf
f5 Lay-Facilities-Master-Plan-Wiley-alt-4-10-13.pdf
f6 Lay-Facilities-Master-Plan-Seven-ES-spreadsheet-4-23-13.pdf
l1 PGM remarks at BoE, 8-7-12.pdf
l2 First LFC meeting Greetings.pdf
s1 Sustainability Update Dec 2012 – Green Schools.pdf
s2 SWG-Report.pdf
s3 SWGAppendix.pdf
s4 Wiley Air Quality Report March 2013.pdf
s5 034-045_Richardsville.pdf

Master Facilities Plan budget as recommended to CH-UH Board of Education (note that what the document refers to as Segments One and Two are generally known as Phase One (high school and middle schools) and Phase Two (elementary schools)


Helpful Resources for the Committee and Community

Community Survey Available Through March 2

The Lay Facilities Committee of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District is conducting a survey to gather community feedback on its pending master facilities plan. Please follow this link to reach the survey and share your views. The survey can be found here.

Feel free to share this link with any CH-UH residents on your contact list. Surveys must be completed by end of day, Saturday, March 2, 2013. The full link:

There is also information on the CH-UH Schools site,, click on District Facilities Planning Update under Announcements.

If you have questions about this survey, please contact Krissy Dietrich Gallagher at

We thank you on behalf of the Lay Facilities Committee,

Krissy Dietrich Gallagher and Chyrel Oates, Co-Chairs, Communications Subcommittee
Mark Chupp, Susan Fleischer, John Hubbard, Natoya Walker
Patrick Mullen, Chair of the Lay Finance Committee


The CH-UH Master Facilities Plan Blog has links to the material produced by consultants in the initial planning: